Tech News (12 – 18 Sept 2021)

Weekly Tech News related to Superconducting Circuits, Better Hardware for AI, 3D Printed Objects – Sensing, Computer Model – COVID-19, AI – Wildfire, Improving Power Efficiency in Fuel Cells

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1.    Researchers Develop New Tool for Analyzing Large Superconducting Circuits

Source: Northwestern University

13 Sept 2021

Researchers have developed and tested a theoretical tool for analyzing large superconducting circuits. These circuits use superconducting quantum bits, or qubits, the smallest units of a quantum computer, to store information.

Original written by: Megan Fellman

2.    Study Points to Better Hardware for Artificial Intelligence

Source: Purdue University

14 Sept 2021

A new study has found a material that can mimic the sea slug’s most essential intelligence features. The discovery is a step toward building hardware that could help make AI more efficient and reliable for technology ranging from self-driving cars and surgical robots to social media algorithms.

Original written by: Kayla Wiles

3.    3D-Printed Objects That Sense How a User Is Interacting with Them

Source: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

14 Sept 2021

Researchers have developed a new method to 3D print mechanisms that detect how force is being applied to an object. The structures are made from a single piece of material, so they can be rapidly prototyped. A designer could use this method to 3D print “interactive input devices,” like a joystick, switch, or handheld controller, in one go.

Original written by: Adam Zewe

4.    Computer Model to Reduce COVID-19 Infections and Deaths

Source: Nanyang Technological University

15 Sept 2021

A team of scientists has developed a predictive computer model that, when tested on real pandemic data, proposed strategies that would have reduced the rate of both COVID-19 infections and deaths by an average of 72 percent, based on a sample from four countries.

5.    AI System Identifies Buildings Damaged by Wildfire

Source: Stanford University

16 Sept 2021

Through a system called DamageMap, a team has brought an artificial intelligence approach to building assessment: Instead of comparing before-and-after photos, they’ve trained a program using machine learning to rely solely on post-fire images.

Original written by: Danielle Torrent Tucker

6.    Infusing Bacteria with Silver to Improve Power Efficiency in Fuel Cells

Source: University of California – Los Angeles

16 Sept 2021

A team of engineers and chemists has taken a major step forward in the development of microbial fuel cells — a technology that utilizes natural bacteria to extract electrons from organic matter in wastewater to generate electrical currents.

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