Tech News (9 – 15 Jul 2021)

Weekly Tech News related to Decoding Noisy Data, Electronic Paper, Information Processing, AI – Prosthetic Hands, Autonomous Tiny Drones, Anomalous Phase of Matter

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1.    Decoding Noisy Data to Predict Cell Growth

Source: Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo

9 Jul 2021

Scientists have designed a machine learning algorithm to predict the size of an individual cell as it grows and divides. They used an artificial neural network that does not impose the assumptions commonly employed in biology. Due to this,s the computer was able to make more complex and accurate forecasts than previously possible. This work may help advance the field of quantitative biology as well as improve the industrial production of medications or fermented products.

2.    New Electronic Paper Displays Brilliant Colours

Source: Chalmers University of Technology

12 Jul 2021

The researchers had previously succeeded in developing an ultra-thin, flexible material that reproduces all the colours an LED screen can display, while requiring only a tenth of the energy that a standard tablet consumes. Now the new study takes the material one step further. Using a previously researched, porous and nanostructured material, containing tungsten trioxide, gold and platinum, they tried a new tactic – inverting the design in such a way as to allow the colours to appear much more accurately on the screen.

3.    Opening The Gate to The Next Generation of Information Processing

Source: DOE/Argonne National Laboratory

13 Jul 2021

Scientists have devised a unique means of achieving effective gate operation with a form of information processing called electromagnonics. Their pivotal discovery allows real-time control of information transfer between microwave photons and magnons. And it could result in a new generation of classical electronic and quantum signal devices that can be used in various applications such as signal switching, low-power computing and quantum networking.

Original written by: Joseph E. Harmon

4.    Liquid Metal Sensors and AI Could Help Prosthetic Hands To ‘Feel’

Source: Florida Atlantic University

14 Jul 2021

To enable a more natural feeling prosthetic hand interface, a team of researchers is the first to incorporate stretchable tactile sensors using liquid metal on the fingertips of a prosthetic hand. Encapsulated within silicone-based elastomers, this technology provides key advantages over traditional sensors, including high conductivity, compliance, flexibility, and stretchability. This hierarchical multi-finger tactile sensation integration could provide a higher level of intelligence for artificial hands.

Original written by: Gisele Galoustian

5.    Swarm Of Autonomous Tiny Drones Can Localize Gas Leaks

Source: Delft University of Technology

14 Jul 2021

Researchers have now developed the first swarm of tiny – and hence very safe – drones that can autonomously detect and localize gas sources in cluttered indoor environments. The main challenge the researchers needed to solve was to design the Artificial Intelligence for this complex task that would fit in the tight computational and memory constraints of the tiny drones. They solved this challenge by means of bio-inspired navigation and search strategies.

6.    New Evidence of An Anomalous Phase of Matter Brings Energy-Efficient Technologies Closer

Source: University of Cambridge

14 Jul 2021

Researchers have found evidence for an anomalous phase of matter that was predicted to exist in the 1960s. Harnessing its properties could pave the way to new technologies able to share information without energy losses.

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