Tech News (2 – 8 Jul 2021)

Weekly Tech News related to Insect-Sized Robot, Collective Battery Storage, Machine Learning – Quantum Data, AI – Gravitational Waves, Climate Friendly Servers, Color Displays, Quantum Laser

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1. Insect-Sized Robot Navigates Mazes with The Agility of a Cheetah

Source: University of California – Berkeley

2 Jul 2021

Many insects and spiders get their uncanny ability to scurry up walls and walk upside down on ceilings with the help of specialized sticky footpads that allow them to adhere to surfaces in places where no human would dare to go. Engineers have used the principle behind some of these footpads, called electrostatic adhesion, to create an insect-scale robot that can swerve and pivot with the agility of a cheetah, giving it the ability to traverse complex terrain and quickly avoid unexpected obstacles.

Original written by: Kara Manke

2. Collective Battery Storage Beneficial for Decarbonized World

Source: University of Otago

5 Jul 2021

Batteries are potentially a game-changing technology as we decarbonize our economy, and their benefits are even greater when shared across communities, a study has found. The study says reducing costs are seeing rapid deployment of batteries for household use, mainly for storing solar and wind power for later use, but they could have a variety of uses in a future electricity grid.

3. Machine Learning Tool Sorts the Nuances of Quantum Data

Source: Cornell University

6 Jul 2021

A team of researchers has developed a machine learning tool to parse quantum matter and make crucial distinctions in the data, an approach that will help scientists unravel the most confounding phenomena in the subatomic realm. The project’s central aim is to find ways to extract new information about quantum systems from snapshots of image-like data.

Original written by: David Nutt

4. Scientists Use Artificial Intelligence to Detect Gravitational Waves

Source: DOE/Argonne National Laboratory

6 Jul 2021

A team has developed a new production-scale AI framework that allows for accelerated, scalable and reproducible detection of gravitational waves. This new framework indicates that AI models could be as sensitive as traditional template matching algorithms, but orders of magnitude faster.

Original written by: Jared Sagoff

5. Invention To Make Computer Servers Worldwide More Climate Friendly

Source: University of Copenhagen – Faculty of Science

6 Jul 2021

An elegant new algorithm developed by researchers can significantly reduce the resource consumption of the world’s computer servers. Computer servers are as taxing on the climate as global air traffic combined. Therefore, it makes the green transition in IT an urgent matter. The researchers expect major IT companies to deploy the algorithm immediately.

6. A New Look at Colour Displays

Source: Linköping University

7 Jul 2021

Researchers have developed a new and simple method to create structural colours for use with reflective colour displays. The new method may enable manufacturing of thin and lightweight displays with high energy-efficiency for a broad range of applications. The method can produce all colours in the visible spectrum. Furthermore, the colours can be subsequently adjusted using electrochemical variation of the redox state of the polymer.

Original written by: Anders Ryttarson Törneholm

7. Quantum Laser Turns Energy Loss into Gain​

Source: The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

7 Jul 2021

Scientists have fabricated a laser system that generates highly interactive quantum particles at room temperature. Their findings could lead to a single microcavity laser system that requires lower threshold energy as its energy loss increases.

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