Tech News (10 – 16 Oct 2021)

Tech News related to Efficient Power Converters, Data Storage – Fluorescent Dyes, AI Identifying Causes of Serious Disease, Optics – Electronics, Autonomous Chemical Mini-Plant, Intelligent Optical Chip

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1.    Toward More Energy Efficient Power Converters

Source: Nara Institute of Science and Technology

11 Oct 2021

Scientists used the mathematical method called automatic differentiation to find the optimal fit of experimental data up to four times faster. This research can be applied to multivariable models of electronic devices, which may allow them to be designed with increased performance while consuming less power.

2.    Storing Data as Mixtures of Fluorescent Dyes

Source: American Chemical Society

13 Oct 2021

As the world’s data storage needs grow, new strategies for preserving information over long periods with reduced energy consumption are needed. Now, researchers have developed a data storage approach based on mixtures of fluorescent dyes. The dyes are deposited onto an epoxy surface in tiny spots with an inkjet printer. The mixture of dyes at each spot encodes binary information that is read with a fluorescent microscope.

3.    AI-Based Technology Quickly Identifies Genetic Causes of Serious Disease

Source: University of Utah Health

14 Oct 2021

An artificial intelligence (AI)-based technology rapidly diagnoses rare disorders in critically ill children with high accuracy, according to a report. The benchmark finding foreshadows the next phase of medicine, where technology helps clinicians quickly determine the root cause of disease so they can give patients the right treatment sooner.

4.    Bridging Optics and Electronics

Source: Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

14 Oct 2021

Researchers have developed a simple spatial light modulator made from gold electrodes covered by a thin film of electro-optical material that changes its optical properties in response to electric signals.

Original written by: Leah Burrows

5.    Scientists Develop Fully Solar-Driven Autonomous Chemical Mini-Plant

Source: Universiteit van Amsterdam

14 Oct 2021

Scientists have developed a fully operational standalone solar-powered mini-reactor which offers the potential for the production of fine chemicals in remote locations on Earth, and possibly even on Mars. In a paper, the team presented their unique, fully off-grid photochemistry system.

6.    Intelligent Optical Chip to Improve Telecommunications

Source: Institut national de la recherche scientifique – INRS

15 Oct 2021

Researchers have developed a smart pulse-shaper integrated on a chip. The device output can autonomously adjust to a user-defined target waveform with strikingly low technical and computational requirements.

Original written by: Audrey-Maude Vézina

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