Tech News (26 Sept – 2 Oct 2021)

Weekly Tech News related to Quantum Computers, Unbreakable Glass, Portable Device – Heart Attack, Material – Heat, Transparent Materials, Virtual Reality – Children

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1.    Better Components for Quantum Computers

Source: University of Bath

27 Sept 2021

Researchers have found a way to make ‘single-crystal flake’ devices that are so thin and free of defects, they have the potential to outperform components used today in quantum computer circuits.

2.    Unbreakable Glass Inspired by Seashells

Source: McGill University

28 Sept 2021

Scientists develop stronger and tougher glass, inspired by the inner layer of mollusk shells. Instead of shattering upon impact, the new material has the resiliency of plastic and could be used to improve cell phone screens in the future, among other applications.

3.    Low-Cost, Portable Device Could Diagnose Heart Attacks in Minutes

Source: University of Notre Dame

28 Sept 2021

Initial results from an echocardiogram can quickly show indications of heart disease, but to confirm a patient is having a heart attack, a blood sample and analysis are required. Those results can take up to eight hours. Researchers have now developed a sensor that could diagnose a heart attack in less than 30 minutes, according to a study.

Original written by: Brandi Wampler

4.    Material That Can Both Move and Block Heat

Source: University of Chicago

29 Sept 2021

Scientists have invented a new way to funnel heat around at the microscopic level: a thermal insulator made using an innovative technique. They stack ultra-thin layers of crystalline sheets on top of each other, but rotate each layer slightly, creating a material with atoms that are aligned in one direction but not in the other.

Original written by: Louise Lerner

5.    A Contactless Way to Detect Damage in Transparent Materials

Source: Shibaura Institute of Technology

29 Sept 2021

Existing methods to detect microscopic scratches and imperfections on transparent materials are costly and time-consuming. To tackle this problem, researchers developed a novel non-contact, non-destructive approach leveraging laser-induced plasma shockwaves and mechanical vibrations detectable by a high-speed polarization camera. Their strategy could pave the way to convenient and inexpensive quality control schemes for mass-production of high-quality transparent surfaces, with applications in smartphones, tablets, and solar panels.

6.    Virtual Reality Affects Children Differently Than Adults

Source: Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

30 Sept 2021

Immersive virtual reality disrupts the child’s default coordination strategy, scientists show, something that should be taken into account when developing virtual reality rehabilitation protocols for children.

Original written by: Hillary Sanctuary

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