Tech Friday (19 – 25 Sep 2020)

Tech News related to 3D Printing, Neural Networks, Cryptocurrency, Huawei, Computer – Thoughts, Sodium-Ion Batteries

Note: I do not write/own any of the tech news bits (and cover picture) given here. The links on each of the news bits will redirect to the news source. The content given under each headline is a basic gist and not the full story.

Researchers Create Heart Cells from Stem Cells using 3D Printing

Source: Singapore University of Technology and Design

Researchers 3D printed a micro-scaled physical device to demonstrate a new level of control in the directed differentiation of stem cells, enhancing the production of cardiomyocytes. They used the devices to demonstrate unprecedented precision in the directed differentiation of stem cells through the formation of embryoid bodies

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The Brain’s Memory Abilities Inspire AI Experts in Making Neural Networks Less ‘Forgetful’

Source: University of Massachusetts Amherst

Artificial intelligence (AI) experts at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the Baylor College of Medicine report that they have successfully addressed what they call a “major, long-standing obstacle to increasing AI capabilities” by drawing inspiration from a human brain memory mechanism known as “replay.”

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Visa & MasterCard Are Normalising Cryptocurrency

Source: UK Tech News

Cryptocurrencies have faced a lot of hurdles over the years when it comes to mass adoption. First among these has been that there simply aren’t enough places where those who are interested can put these assets to practical use. Though we hear now and then about companies accepting cryptocurrency the average shopping experience still doesn’t yield much in the way of crypto spending opportunities.

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Huawei Launches ‘Historic’ New Strike at Android to Beat Google And Samsung

Source: Forbes

Huawei is about to shift the 600 million users on its smartphone ecosystem from Android to its own HarmonyOS/HMS—at least that’s what seemed to be the key takeaway from HDC, the company’s developer conference a week ago. Well—maybe not. The real takeaway from HDC is much more interesting and will be a much more serious threat to Android than just shifting Huawei users. If it works, of course.

Original written by: Zak Doffman

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A Com­puter Pre­dicts Your Thoughts, Creating Im­ages Based on Them

Source: University of Helsinki

By monitoring brain function, computers can be made imagine what a person is thinking of and present the results as images. The technique can be utilised in psychology and cognitive neuroscience, as well as supporting human creativity. Researchers at the University of Helsinki have developed a technique in which a computer models visual perception by monitoring human brain signals.

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New Research Says Sodium-Ion Batteries Are A Valid Alternative to Lithium-Ion Batteries

Source: University of Warwick

A team of scientists combined their knowledge and expertise to assess the current status of the Na-ion technology from materials to cell development, offering a realistic comparison of the key performance indicators for NBs and LIBs. Among them, Sodium (Na)-ion batteries (NIBs) have great potential to represent the next generation low cost and environmentally friendly energy storage solution.

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