Science News (12 – 18 Sept 2021)

Science News related to Quantum Computing, Cosmic Concrete from Space Dust, Solar Cells, 900-Year-Old Cosmic Mystery, Dark Matter, Universe’s Missing Matter

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1.    Light Does the Twist for Quantum Computing

Source: Nagoya University

13 Sept 2021

Scientists have generated circularly polarized light and controlled its direction without using clunky magnets or very low temperatures. The findings show promise for the development of materials and device methods that can be used in optical quantum information processing.

2.    Scientists Develop Cosmic Concrete from Space Dust and Astronaut Blood

Source: University of Manchester

13 Sept 2021

Scientists have now developed a way to potentially overcome the problem of construction of a Martian colony, by creating a concrete-like material made of extra-terrestrial dust along with the blood, sweat, and tears of astronauts.

3.    Solar Cells for Power-Generating Windows

Source: University of Michigan

14 Sept 2021

A new transparency-friendly solar cell design could marry high efficiencies with 30-year estimated lifetimes, research has shown. It may pave the way for windows that also provide solar power.

4.    900-Year-Old Cosmic Mystery Surrounding Chinese Supernova Of 1181AD

Source: University of Manchester

15 Sept 2021

A 900-year-old cosmic mystery surrounding the origins of a famous supernova first spotted over China in 1181AD has finally been solved, according to an international team of astronomers. New research says that a faint, fast expanding cloud (or nebula), called Pa30, surrounding one of the hottest stars in the Milky Way, known as Parker’s Star, fits the profile, location, and age of the historic supernova.

5.    Have We Detected Dark Energy? Scientists Say It’s a Possibility

Source: University of Cambridge

15 Sept 2021

A new study suggests that some unexplained results from the XENON1T experiment in Italy may have been caused by dark energy, and not the dark matter the experiment was designed to detect.

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6.    Part Of the Universe’s Missing Matter Found

Source: CNRS

16 Sept 2021

Thanks to the MUSE instrument from the Very Large Telescope at the ESO, an international research team has mapped a galactic wind for the first time. This unique observation helped to reveal where some of the Universe’s missing matter is located and to observe the formation of a nebula around a galaxy.

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