Science News (27 Jun – 3 Jul 2021)

Science News related to Unique Exoplanet, New Face Mask Prototype, Pathway to Artificial Intelligence, Battery Recycling, Turning Plastic into Foam, Hawking’s Black Hole Theorem, Revealing a Clear Universe

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1. CHEOPS Unexpectedly Detects a Unique Exoplanet

Source: Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC)

28 Jun 2021

The exoplanet satellite hunter CHEOPS of the European Space Agency (ESA) has unexpectedly detected a third planet passing in front of its star while it was exploring two previously known planets around the same star. This transit, according to researchers, will reveal exciting details about a strange planet “without a known equivalent”.

2. New Face Mask Prototype Can Detect Covid-19 Infection

Source: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

28 Jun 2021

Engineers have designed a novel face mask that can diagnose the wearer with Covid-19 within about 90 minutes. The masks are embedded with tiny, disposable sensors that can be fitted into other face masks and could also be adapted to detect other viruses.

Original written by: Anne Trafton

3. ‘Edge Of Chaos’ Opens Pathway to Artificial Intelligence Discoveries

Source: University of Sydney

29 Jun 2021

Scientists have discovered that an artificial network of nanowires can be tuned to respond in a brain-like way when electrically stimulated. The international team found that by keeping the network of nanowires in a brain-like state “at the edge of chaos”, it performed tasks at an optimal level.

4. Ground Breaking Invention on Battery Recycling

Source: University of Leicester

29 Jun 2021

Researchers have developed a new method to recycle electric vehicle batteries using a ground-breaking new approach that many will have experienced in the dentist’s chair. They used a new method, involving ultrasonic waves, to solve a critical challenge: how to separate out valuable materials from electrodes so that the materials can be fully recovered from batteries at the end of their life.

5. Turning Plastic into Foam to Combat Pollution

Source: American Institute of Physics

29 Jun 2021

Biodegradable plastics are supposed to be good for the environment. But because they are specifically made to degrade quickly, they cannot be recycled. Researchers have developed a method to turn biodegradable plastic knives, spoons, and forks into foam that can be used as insulation in walls or in flotation devices.

6. Physicists Observationally Confirm Hawking’s Black Hole Theorem for The First Time

Source: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

1 Jul 2021

A central law for black holes predicts that the area of their event horizons — the boundary beyond which nothing can ever escape — should never shrink. Physicists have now confirmed Hawking’s area theorem for the first time, using observations of gravitational waves.

Original written by: Jennifer Chu

7. Observation, Simulation, and AI Join Forces to Reveal a Clear Universe

Source: National Institutes of Natural Sciences

2 Jul 2021

Astronomers have developed a new artificial intelligence (AI) technique to remove noise in astronomical data due to random variations in galaxy shapes. They trained and tested extensively on large mock data created by supercomputer simulations. They then applied this new tool to actual data from Japan’s Subaru Telescope. They found that the mass distribution derived from using this method is consistent with the currently accepted models of the Universe.

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