Tech News

Tech Friday (6 – 12 Nov 2020)


Weekly Tech News related to Cheap ‘Electronic Skin’, Seizing $1 Billion In Bitcoin, AMD vs Intel, Virgin Hyperloop, Improving Lithium-Ion Batteries, Brain-Computer Interface Tech, 3D Printing Biomedical Parts, Cultivating Lifelike Intelligent Robots, AI Learning to be Spontaneous, Virtual Reality Forests, Twitch Apologizes to Streamers, PUBG Return in India

Tech Friday (30 Oct – 5 Nov 2020)


Weekly Tech News related to AI Teachers, Fake News Detectors, Disney’s New Skinless Robot, Underwater Navigation Systems, Arm-Based MacBook Air and Pro, Flexible and Highly Reliable Sensor, Lord Gabe Sending a Gnome to Space, Predicting the Carbon Footprint of Algorithms, AI Confusing Bald Head as Soccer Ball, Cockroaches and Lizards Inspire New Robot, Ink-Jet Printed Graphene, Luminescent Light for Future Home Lighting

Tech Friday (23 – 29 Oct 2020)


Tech News related to Charging 90% in 6 Minutes, Epic vs Apple Update, Extending Battery Life, Longer-Lasting and More Efficient Solar Cells, Dog Training for Robots, Facebook in The World of Cloud Gaming, New OnePlus Nord Phones, Recycled Materials in Google Products, Limb-Inspired Architecture, Creating a Better CX with AI, Death Threats to Cyberpunk 2077 Developers, Raptor-Inspired Drone

Tech Friday (16 – 22 Oct 2020)

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Tech News related to 3D Movies at 100B FPS, Hackers Faking McAfee Software, Facebook Choking Left-Leaning Traffic, New Samsung Galaxy S Leaks, Smarter AI Models, LG’s Rollable TV, Indian FB Mods Pressurized to Work, Deepfake Bots on Telegram, Wrist-Worn Camera, Manipulation of Online Images, Human Motion Capturing Camera, Tesla’s ‘Full Self-Driving’

Tech Friday (9 – 15 Oct 2020)

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Tech News related to Printing Wearable Sensors, AR Goggles for Dogs, SpaceX Crew-1 Delay, Advances in VR, VR to ‘Walk’ Inside Cells, Liquid Metals and Semiconductors, “Breathing” Machines, Concerns in AI Research, Materials by AI, Meme Lord Elon Musk, Twitter – Holocaust Denial Posts, Robots Recognising Pain

Tech Friday (2 – 8 Oct 2020)

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Tech News related to Graphene – Limitless Power, Apple Sues Partner, Foldable iPhone, Underwater Robots, Organic Transistors, AI and Nanoparticle, Synthetic Biology, Google Workspace, Security Flaw in Apple’s T2 Chip, Twitch on Terrorism, New Solar Panel Design, Fastest UV Camera

Tech Friday (26 Sep – 2 Oct 2020)

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Tech News related to Carbon-Based Computers, Quantum Computers, Apple – Epic Games, 3D Biometric – Finger Veins, 5G, Synthetic Biology, Exosuit, Hydropower, CO2 Emissions, Virtual Physician, Thermal Imaging, Artificial Lung

Tech Friday (12 – 18 Sep 2020)

optical fiber

Tech News related to Virtual Tourism, Robot Sensing, Neural Implants, Autonomous Machines, Fibre Optical Comms, Organoids, Robot Hand, Neural Networks