Tech News

Tech News (25 Jun – 1 Jul 2021)


Weekly Tech News related to AI-Virus-Mammals, AI Predicting Human Behavior, Fast IR Imaging-Based AI, Near-Zero-Power IoT Communicators, Hazardous Driving, Nanorobots, Heat Management

Tech News (18 – 24 Jun 2021)

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Weekly Tech News related to Quantum Computers for Server Centers, Designing Sustainable Cities, Deep Learning Predicting Viral Infections, Portable Quantum Devices, Electronic Waste, AI Track Cognitive Deviation, AI Spotting Healthy Stem Cells

Tech News (11 – 17 Jun 2021)

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Weekly Tech News related to AI System-On-Chip, Quantum Computing, Turning a Single Photo into A Video, AI Model – Virus Spread, Computers Predicting People’s Tastes in Art, Miniature Robots, Combining Classical and Quantum Computing, Bruisable Artificial Skin

Tech News (4 – 10 Jun 2021)


Controlling Insulin with Smartwatch, Paytm’s Plan for an IPO, Microsystems from Green Material, AI – Sleep Disorder Treatments, Future of Speech-Based Human-Computer Interaction, DNA Data Storage, Tata Digital Acquiring 1mg

Tech Friday (25 – 31 Dec 2020)

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Weekly Tech News related to Charger Exclusion with Mi 11, Effective Training Model for Robots, Indian Startups Raising $9.3 Billion In 2020, Tesla Debut in India Next Year, Volkswagen’s Electric Car-Charging Robot with Eyes, Spontaneous Robot Dances

Tech Friday (18 – 24 Dec 2020)

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Weekly Tech News related to AI Running Simulations Faithful to Physical Laws, Apple Putting Wistron On Probation in India, Apple Car in 2024, Tech Companies Affected in SolarWinds Hack, Device Detecting Hand Gestures, Advanced Vehicle Research, Bionic Touch Not Remapping the Brain, Improving Glass for Fiber Optics

Tech Friday (11 – 17 Dec 2020)


Weekly Tech News related to Google and Apple Banning Tech for Location Sharing, Google Service Hit by Massive Outage, Cyberpunk 2077 and Refunds, Stylus Support for Samsung S-Series, VR With Normal 360-Degrees Camera, Teaching Artificial Intelligence to Adapt

Tech Friday (27 Nov – 3 Dec 2020)


Weekly Tech News related to UK Ban on Huawei, Creativity in Robot Design, Light and Sound to See Underwater, Drivers’ Performances in Automated Vehicles, Galaxy Note Line Discontinuation, Google Spying on Workers, Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, Self-Repairing Gelatin-Based Film, Google News on Paywalled Articles, Hackers Targeting COVID-19 Vaccine Supply, YouTube Addressing Toxic Comments, NASA Selecting Companies for Moon Material Collection

Tech Friday (20 – 26 Nov 2020)


Weekly Tech News related to Reliance’s $3.4 Billion Deal, Whitehat Jr Suing Critics, Measuring Risk-Taking, Bioprinting Mini-Kidneys, AI Helping Understand Brain Activity, AI System Discovering New Material, Electronic Skin That Can Feel, Consumers Trusting AI Recommendations, Open Source Optical Toolbox

Tech Friday (13 – 19 Nov 2020)

optical fiber

Weekly Tech News related to Deep Leaning in “Internet of Things”, Amazon Sued for Racial Discrimination, Transmitting Data Up To 100x Faster, Qualcomm Selling 4G Chips to Huawei, Common Sense in AI, Robots’ Performance in Unknown Areas, Upgraded Radar for Self-Driving Cars, AI-Powered Nightmare Generator, Light-Powered Smarter AI, Pathway to Solve Cybersickness, Printed Solid-State Batteries, Deep Learning for Robots to Grasp