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Tech News (19 – 25 Dec 2021)

AI Robots

Tech News related to EV – Carbon Emissions, Computer Attacks – Laser Light, AI – X-Rays, Face Detection – Deep Neural Networks, Mind-Controlled Robots, Electronic Sensors – Heart Cells’ Misbehaviors

Tech News (28 Nov – 4 Dec 2021)

AI, Robot

Tech News related to Brain-Like Computers, Robots That Reproduce, AI-Object Relationships, Deep Learning Dreaming Proteins, Perching Bird-Like Robot, Robot Personality

Tech News (10 – 16 Oct 2021)

hard disk

Tech News related to Efficient Power Converters, Data Storage – Fluorescent Dyes, AI Identifying Causes of Serious Disease, Optics – Electronics, Autonomous Chemical Mini-Plant, Intelligent Optical Chip

Tech News (3 – 9 Oct 2021)


Tech News related to Urban Mining for Metals, Robot Finding Lost Items, Self-Driving Cars, Bipedal Robot, Quantum Networking, Wireless Wearables

Tech News (26 Sept – 2 Oct 2021)


Weekly Tech News related to Quantum Computers, Unbreakable Glass, Portable Device – Heart Attack, Material – Heat, Transparent Materials, Virtual Reality – Children

Tech News (19 – 25 Sept 2021)


Weekly Tech News related to AR – Spiders, Flexible Circuits, AI – New Materials, ‘Hardest of The Hard’ Computer Problems, Human Learning – Synthetic Matter, AI – Anti-Cancer

Tech News (12 – 18 Sept 2021)


Weekly Tech News related to Superconducting Circuits, Better Hardware for AI, 3D Printed Objects – Sensing, Computer Model – COVID-19, AI – Wildfire, Improving Power Efficiency in Fuel Cells

Tech News (16 – 22 Jul 2021)

machine learning

Weekly Tech News related to Air-Powered Computer Memory, Projecting Bond Properties, Extracting More Accurate Data from Images, Algorithm Flying Drones, X-Ray Vision-Like Camera, Graphics Card – Fusion Energy

Tech News (9 – 15 Jul 2021)


Weekly Tech News related to Decoding Noisy Data, Electronic Paper, Information Processing, AI – Prosthetic Hands, Autonomous Tiny Drones, Anomalous Phase of Matter

Tech News (2 – 8 Jul 2021)


Weekly Tech News related to Insect-Sized Robot, Collective Battery Storage, Machine Learning – Quantum Data, AI – Gravitational Waves, Climate Friendly Servers, Color Displays, Quantum Laser