Science News

Sunday Science (8 – 14 Nov 2020)


Science News related to Drop in CO2 Emissions, First Brown Dwarf, Mining Rocks in Orbit, The Habitability of Rocky Planets, The Universe Getting Hot, Tree Rings and Distant Supernovas, Advancing the Arrival of Fusion Energy, Mars Losing Water, Artificial Cell Organelles, Small Blasts and Risk of Brain Injury, Costs to Recycle Lithium-Ion Batteries, Stretchable Sensors

Sunday Science (1 – 7 Nov 2020)


Science News related to Next-Gen Astronomical Survey, New Remote Sensing Technique, New Mineral Discovered, Printing Plastic Webs, Drones That Patrol Forests, Next-Gen Lithium Batteries, Standard Model of Particle Physics, Colours Invisible to Human Eyes, Enhancing Vehicle Fuel Economy, Dark Matter in a New Light, Rocky and Potentially Habitable Planets, Hidden Matter of the Universe

Sunday Science (25 – 31 Oct 2020)


Science News related to Water on Moon, Future of Oceans, Martian Soil Fertility, Evolution of Fish on Land, Designing Organic Solar Cell, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Future, Sustainable Water Purification, Black Hole ‘Family Portrait’, Jupiter’s and Saturn’s Births, Massive Stars Getting Kicked, Sample of Asteroid Bennu, Water on Ancient Mars

Sunday Science (18 – 24 Oct 2020)

solar panels

Science News related to Renewables Powering Paper Recycling, Driver of The Largest Mass Extinction, Renewable Solution to Keep Cool, Next-Gen Solar Tech, NASA Spacecraft Touches Asteroid, Milky Way Collision with Dwarf Galaxy, Separation of CO₂ From Industrial Waste Gases, Human Adaptability 320k Years Ago, Cognitive Elements of Language, Upcycling Plastic Waste, Maya’s Water Filters, Quantum Clocks and Einstein’s Relativity

Sunday Science (11 – 17 Oct 2020)

sunday science black hole

Science News related to Engineering from Wasp Venom, Last Moments before a Black Hole, Stellar Flares and Exoplanets, Transport of Stored Light, Impact on Global CO2 Emissions, Swine Coronavirus, Prenatal Cannabis Exposure, Self-Domesticated Monkeys, NASA’s James Webb Telescope, Coronavirus’ Evolutionary Edge, New World Record: Zeptoseconds, Humanity’s Geologic Footprint

Sunday Science (4 – 10 Oct 2020)

science news

Science News related to Drying Amazon Forest, New Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Global Warming, Megatesla Magnetic Fields, Hexagon Storm on Saturn, Nobel Prize in Physics, Better Planets than Earth, New Look at Sunspots, Studying Asteroid Bennu, Glacier Ice Loss, Predicting Rare Earth Element Deposits.

Sunday Science (28 Sep – 4 Oct 2020)

science news

Science News related to Early Solar System, Mars’ Salty Lakes, Greenland – Ice, Burning Arctic, Matter in Universe, Radiation on Moon, Cosmic Diamonds, Volcanic Ash, Habitable Venus, Fusion Experiment, Plastic Waste, Einstein – Gravity

Sunday Science (21 – 27 Sep 2020)

Pi planet

Science News related to Global Sea Level, Superfluid Universe, Homemade Masks, Pi Planet, Video Games, Sport-Memory, Time Travel, Gravity, Food Delivery Waste, Disease Spread, AI Computers

Sunday Science (14 – 20 Sep 2020)


Science News related to Life on Venus, Magnetoelectric Effect, Solar-Cell Efficiency, Life on Mars, Solar Cycle 25, Extra Terrestrial Life, Astronomical Observations, Solar Storm