Science News

Science News (20 – 26 Jun 2021)


Science News related to Milky Way, Biospheres, Boiling Cauldron Where Stars are Born, Exoplanets, Big Bang, Ocean Microplastics, Power Consumption, Soft Electronics

Science News (13 – 19 Jun 2021)

dna science

Science News related to Microbes in Ocean, Dark Matter – Milky Way, Genetically Engineered Nanoparticle, Planet Formation Secret, RNA-Atlas, Signatures of Life, Bio-Inspired Hydrogel

Science News (6 – 12 Jun 2021)


Science News related to Auroras, New Drug-Formulation, Structural Mystery of Glass, Earth’s Meteorite Impacts, Black Hole Detectors, New Exoplanet, Nanoparticle Platform – Gene Therapy, CRISPR Gene Editing

Sunday Science (27 Dec 2020 – 2 Jan 2021)

quantum computer

Science News related to Milestone in The Creation of Quantum Computer, Faster, Greener Way of Producing Carbon Spheres, Cheaper Water Filtration Through Desalination, Next-Generation Microelectronics, New Microscopy Technique With 7 Times Greater Sensitivity, Fluorescence Microscopy

Sunday Science (20 – 26 Dec 2020)


Science News related to Habitat Loss Due to Food Production, Threshold for Warming Between 2027 – 2042, Volatile Space Weather, Mapping Mars, Transmission Through Barrier Using Sound, Shrinking Lakes Due to Climate Crisis

Sunday Science (13 – 19 Dec 2020)


Science News related to Space Agriculture, Surface Chemistry on Mars, Farthest Galaxy in the Universe, The Intersection of AI and Neuroscience, Origami Solving Space Travel Challenge, New Type of Atomic Clock, Possible Exoplanet Radio Emission, Astronaut Flying Around the Moon, Life Support on Enceladus, Longest Intergalactic Gas Filament, White Dwarfs and Cosmological Lithium Problem, 100 Times More Efficient Entangled Photons

Sunday Science (6 – 12 Dec 2020)


Science News related to Aluminium Alloy for Manned Space Missions, Producing Light-Matter Mixture, Image-Based Navigation for Landing on Moon, New Sunspot Cycle – Strongest, Optical Sensor Mimicking Human Eye, Prediction of Uranium in Groundwater, Breakthrough in Nuclear Physics, Improving Hurricane Forecasts, Multitasking Microbe Purifying Wastewater, Key Evidence – Cause of Ice Age, Water on Mars Not as Widespread, Robots Encouraging Risk-Taking Behaviour

Sunday Science (29 Nov – 5 Dec 2020)


Science News related to Venus Figurines, Simulating the Universe, Cost of Protecting Trees for Climate Change, China’s Lander on Moon, Ice Sheets Facing Irreversible Melting, Cell Membranes in Super Resolution, Sound of a “Perfect” Fluid, Primates’ Visual Systems, Storing Solar Energy for Months or Years, Graphene-Enhanced Heat Pipes

Sunday Science (22 – 28 Nov 2020)


Science News related to Interest in Moon Resources, New Framework for Clean Water, Predicting Pandemic Infection Rates, Response to Early Tuberculosis Infection, Space Travel’s Impact on Health, Evidence of Fusion Dominant in Many Stars, Quantum Nanodiamonds for Diseases, Ice Sheets on the Move, Uneven Impact of Climate Change

Sunday Science (15 – 21 Nov 2020)


Science News related to SpaceX Crew to ISS, Self-Powered Sensors, Holes in Greenland Ice Sheet, Life Formation Before Stars, Recycling Wind Turbine Blades, Molecule to Block Coronavirus, Megaflood on Mars, Insta-Bling at Room Temperature, New Kind of Electrons, Power & Speed Limit of Lasers, Biochemical Random Number, NASA Satellite for Sea Levels