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Saturday Health (5 – 11 Dec 2020)


Health News related to Self-Learning Algorithms for Different Imaging Datasets, Potential Cancer Therapy for Immunity Boosting, Disliking of Physical Appearance Strong Predictor of Depression, UK’s COVID-19 Vaccine, The Spread of Cancer to Brain, Neurons Forming Long-Term Memories, Brain Functions and Mood Regulations, Failing Hearts and Hard Workouts, Building Whole Functioning Thymus, Testing Heart Health

Saturday Health (28 Nov – 4 Dec 2020)


Health News related to Phone Not Being Bad for Mental Health, Fit Gamers Challenging Stereotype, Wealthier Countries Drinking More Alcohol, Cancer-Killing Virus That Activates Immune System, Age-Reversing Drug, Abdominal Fat Predicting Heart Attacks, Restoring Rudimentary Form of Vision, Baby’s First Breath, COVID-19 and Individuals with Diabetes

Saturday Health (21 – 27 Nov 2020)


Health News related to Oxford’s Vaccine, Concussion Risk in Stunt Performers, Predicting COVID-19 Patient Outcomes, Hearing Aid of The Future, Cocoa Flavanols Boosting Brain and Cognition, Switching Off Hunger, Anxiety Associated with Alzheimer’s, Lung Damage from Cooking Wood, Health Effects of Long-Duration Space Flight, Health Harms of Prolonged Sitting, Early Birth and Hospital Visits, Obesity and Individual’s Responsibility.

Saturday Health (14 – 20 Nov 2020)

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Health News related to Moderna’s Coronavirus Vaccine, Sleep and Heart Failure Risks, Improvements to Metabolic Health, Retinas for Alzheimer’s Diagnosis, Melatonin Promoting Sleep, Pfizer’s Coronavirus Vaccine, 3D Bioprinted Heart, Detecting Circulating Tumor Cells, Childhood Brain Cancer, Drug for Severe Alcohol Withdrawal, Brain Organization, Weight loss in Elderly

Saturday Health (7 – 13 Nov 2020)


Health News related to Drugs to Brain with Nanoparticles, Protecting Immune System from Aging, Possible Endemic Diseases following COVID-19, Killing Coronavirus on Surfaces, Detecting Alzheimer’s Disease, Disinfecting Cloth Face Masks, Way to Ward Off Asthma Triggers, Beta Cell Regeneration, Preterm Children and Depression, Reverse Alcohol Intoxication, Rats Transmitting Hantavirus, Common SARS-CoV-2 Mutation and Vaccine

Saturday Health (31 Oct – 6 Nov 2020)

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Health News related to Heart Disease and Stroke Risk, COVID-19 Deaths in Under-65s, Predicting Anti-Cancer Drug Efficacy,Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease, Vulnerability to Type 2 Diabetes, The Global Spread of The Coronavirus, COVID-19 Lung Damage, Risk in Delayed in Cancer Treatment, Face Mask during Exercises, Mystery of Human Intelligence, Powerful Weapon Against COVID-19, Poor Nutrition in School Years

Saturday Health (24 – 30 Oct 2020)


Health News related to Risk of Airborne COVID-19, Artificially Sweetened Drinks vs Sugary Drinks, Risk of Dementia, ‘Night Owl’ Sleep Disorder, Vitamin D Deficiency in COVID-19 Patients, Cancer Treatment Without Side Effects, Aging and Motivation to Learn, Device for Severely Paralysed Patients, New Estimates of Breast Cancer Risks, Drop in Body Temperature, Boosting Children’s Academic Achievement, Positive Student-Teacher Relationships

Saturday Health (17 – 23 Oct 2020)

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Health News related to Restoration of Retinal and Visual Functions, Antibodies in Recovering COVID-19 Patients, Insomnia Among Young Drinkers, Cannabis Reducing OCD Symptoms, COVID Vaccine Doubts Among People, New Details on Heart Defects, Potential Vaccine for Alzheimer’s Disease Progression, Green Tea and Coffee for Lower Death Risk, Activating the Immune Response Against Cancer, Insights for Universal Flu Vaccine, Soy Lowering Dementia Risk, Ovarian Cancer Treatments

Saturday Health (10 – 16 Oct 2020)

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Health News related to COVID-19 Risks to Newborns, Roles of Neurochemicals, Alcohol Abstinence, COVID-19’s Survivability, Robotic Assistance in Colonoscopy, COVID-19 and Permanent Hearing Loss, Alternative to Animal Testing, Pandemic-Induced Stress, Youth – Early Stages of Psychosis, COVID-19 Becoming Endemic, Pan-Coronavirus Treatment, Machine Learning Finds TB Drugs

Saturday Health (3 – 9 Oct 2020)

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Health News related to Nobel Prize in Medicine, Preventing and Curing Viral Infections, Prostrate Cancer Weakness, Damaged Nerves Repairing Hydrogel, Severity of COVID-19, Regenerating Neurons, Adults Using Cannabis, Spiritual Experiences and Well-Being, Aggression and Violence in Children, Effects of Oxytocin, Harvesting Stem Cells, Making Bones Heavier