Health News (10 – 16 Jul 2021)

Health News related to Childhood Lead Exposure, Healthy Microbiome – Multiple Sclerosis, Treatments for Tuberculosis, Organ Growth, Alcohol – Cancer Risk, Norovirus Variants

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1.    Childhood Lead Exposure May Adversely Affect Adult Personalities

Source: University of Texas at Austin

12 Jul 2021

A study has sampled more than 1.5 million people in 269 U.S. counties and 37 European nations. Researchers found that those who grew up in areas with higher levels of atmospheric lead had less adaptive personalities in adulthood — lower levels of conscientiousness and agreeableness and higher levels of neuroticism.

2.    A Plant-Based Diet Combined with A Healthy Microbiome May Protect Against Multiple Sclerosis

Source: University of Iowa Health Care

12 Jul 2021

A study shows that a diet rich in isoflavone, a phytoestrogen or plant-based compound that resembles estrogen, protects against multiple sclerosis-like symptoms in a mouse model of the disease. Importantly, the isoflavone diet was only protective when the mice had gut microbes capable of breaking down the isoflavones.

Original written by: Jennifer Brown

3.    Progress Towards New Treatments for Tuberculosis

Source: Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

13 Jul 2021

A new study uncovered how cells infected with tuberculosis bacteria can die and that using new medicines to enhance particular forms of cell death decreased the severity of the disease in a preclinical model. Researchers were able to demonstrate that cells infected with tuberculosis bacteria have functional apoptosis cell death pathways, and showed their importance in combatting severe disease.

4.    Mechanical Stimuli Influence Organ Growth

Source: Technical University of Munich (TUM)

13 Jul 2021

In addition to chemical factors, mechanical influences play an important role in the natural growth of human organs such as kidneys, lungs and mammary glands – but also in the development of tumors. Now a research team has investigated the process in detail using organoids, three-dimensional model systems of such organs which are produced in the laboratory.

5.    New WHO Study Links Moderate Alcohol Use with Higher Cancer Risk

Source: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

13 Jul 2021

A new study has found an association between alcohol and a substantially higher risk of several forms of cancer, including breast, colon, and oral cancers. Increased risk was evident even among light to moderate drinkers (up to two drinks a day), who represented 1 in 7 of all new cancers in 2020 and more than 100,000 cases worldwide.

6.    Study Identifies Monoclonal Antibodies That May Neutralize Many Norovirus Variants

Source: Vanderbilt University Medical Center

16 Jul 2021

Researchers have taken a big step toward developing targeted treatments and vaccines against a family of viruses that attacks the gastrointestinal tract. The researchers isolated a panel of human monoclonal antibodies from subjects with a history of acute gastroenteritis that are cross-reactive and which neutralize a broad range of norovirus variants in laboratory tests.

Original written by: Bill Snyder

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