Health News (19 – 25 Jun 2021)

Health News related to Neurodevelopmental Disorder, Stroke Survivors, Heart Health – Dementia, Western Diet – Balanced Diet, Fracture Setting Method, Brain Imaging Precision, Alzheimer’s Disease

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1. Researchers Discover Genetic Cause of Neurodevelopmental Disorder

Source: University of Maryland School of Medicine

21 Jun 2021

Researchers have identified a new gene that may be linked to certain neurodevelopmental disorders and intellectual disabilities. The researchers believe that finding genes involved in certain types of developmental disorders provide an important first step in determining the cause of these disorders and ultimately in developing potential therapies for treating them.

Original written by: Vanessa McMains

2. Link Between Walking Speed and The Ability to Do Two Things at Once After Stroke

Source: Oxford Brookes University

21 Jun 2021

Research has found that training stroke survivors to walk at a faster speed during recovery can help improve the brain function that enables people to walk and perform another task simultaneously, known as dual-task walking.

3. Protein Linked to Heart Health, Disease A Potential Therapeutic Target for Dementia

Source: Washington University School of Medicine

21 Jun 2021

Researchers have found that high levels of a normal protein associated with reduced heart disease also protect against Alzheimer’s-like brain damage – at least in mice. The findings, published June 21 in Neuron, suggest that raising levels of the protein — known as low-density lipoprotein receptor (LDL receptor) — could potentially be a way to slow or stop cognitive decline.

Original written by: Tamara Bhandari

4. Switching From Western Diet to A Balanced Diet May Reduce Skin, Joint Inflammation

Source: University of California – Davis Health

22 Jun 2021

The secret to healthier skin and joints may reside in gut microorganisms. A study has found that a diet rich in sugar and fat leads to an imbalance in the gut’s microbial culture and may contribute to inflammatory skin diseases such as psoriasis. Changing from a Western diet to a balanced diet may reduce skin and joint inflammation. The study suggests that switching to a more balanced diet restores the gut’s health and suppresses skin inflammation.

5. Fracture Setting Method Could Replace Metal Plates, With Fewer Complications

Source: KTH, Royal Institute of Technology

22 Jun 2021

A new biocompatible polymer-based composite material could soon replace metal plates in treating difficult and unstable fractures. The newly-developed material is as strong as dental composites yet non-toxic. The material and a surgical method will be used in clinical studies in 2023 and 2024, with a focus on hand fractures.

6. Combining Three Techniques Boosts Brain-Imaging Precision

Source: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, News Bureau

23 Jun 2021

Researchers report that they have developed a method to combine three brain-imaging techniques to more precisely capture the timing and location of brain responses to a stimulus. Their study is the first to combine the three widely used technologies for simultaneous imaging of brain activity.

Original written by: Diana Yates

7. Non-Invasive Potential Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease

Source: University of Queensland

23 Jun 2021

Ultrasound can overcome some of the detrimental effects of ageing and dementia without the need to cross the blood-brain barrier, researchers have found. The findings provide a potential new avenue for the non-invasive technology and will help clinicians tailor medical treatments that consider an individual’s disease progression and cognitive decline.

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