Hi, I’m Apoorva. I’m a Physics graduate and currently a research scholar as well, so naturally, I’m a science enthusiast.

I try and share the latest research news from Science, Tech, and Health. Once in a blue moon, I share my own articles as well.

I used to run another website, “NewAnced”. But, the name doesn’t do justice to the type of content I share, so here I am. All the posts from my previous website are imported here, so you will not miss anything out.

Feel free to take a look at all the news posts and articles. I’m sure you will find something valuable or interesting!

Disclaimer: Since I have moved from a different website to this, all the posts from the previous site have been imported here. These posts have been backdated to when they were originally posted.

All posts after 10-June-2021 are made on this website.